The Best Ways To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

The most recent dietary guidelines have reduced the recommended amount of sugar to 12 teaspoons a day. That's much less than the average 22 teaspoons of sugar consumed by Americans. If you are concerned with being healthy, you may find it difficult because sugar is everywhere. You will need to understand where most of your sugar comes from to reduce your intake, and you will need to change your eating habits.

Find Out How Much Sugar You Are Consuming

First, you need to estimate how much sugar you are consuming in the first place. Find out how much sugar is contained in what you consume. Then, each time you consume something sugary, add it to the list. That way, you can track whether you are reaching your goals. Fortunately, food labels can provide you with the exact sugar content.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks

Sugar most often comes from drinks. Sodas are the worst culprit, but fruit drinks also contain a lot of sugars. Swapping between these and low-sugar options such as tea and water will help you reduce your sugar intake. For drinks where you can control how much sugar you add, such as coffee, try adding half as much sugar as you normally add.

Keep More Sugar-Free Options In Your Home

Try as many low-sugar foods as possible to identify which ones you like the most. Then, stock your home with these options. If you are often eating low-sugar foods that you love, you'll be less likely to snack on sugary options.

Cook Your Own Meals

Cook more of your meals. Processed foods often contain sugars. While a can of soup might be sugary, if you cook your own soup, you can control exactly how much sugar is added. Find alternative ways to make your sauces and pizzas taste excellent.

Use More Natural Sugars

If you just have a sweet tooth, you might fail to completely eliminate sugar from your diet. One option is to incorporate natural sugars such as honey and coconut sugar. While these are still sugars, they are better for you. Another way to avoid sugars is to find a food service program that offers a broad range of meals that do not contain sugars. You may expect it to be difficult to consume less sugar, but keep in mind that the amount of sugar you consume is much higher than what your ancestors consumed. Eventually, you will become accustomed to a lower-sugar diet.

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