Making A Fufu Dish That Anyone Will Love

If you are interested in traditional African cuisine, you need to master cooking fufu and how to make it delicious. By itself it's rather tasteless, but when prepared with some delicious pork and greens, it becomes a dish that anyone will love.

Making The Basic Fufu

Fufu is a relatively simple food to make on your own: all you need to do is boil two pounds of white yams until they are tender, peel them, and then mash them with a potato masher until they are smooth and of the consistency of mashed potatoes. Flavor them with salt and pepper and place what you've created in a large bowl.

You're going to have a lot of fufu and, thankfully, it keeps quite well. This means you can store it in a plastic container overnight while you marinade your pork. Fufu warms up well on the stove and becomes easy to eat and pliable after just a few minutes on medium heat.

Preparing The Pork

After creating your fufu, you need to prepare some delicious pork. The best way to do this, and to maintain an authentic African feel, is to flavor it with garlic. Though not native to the continent, it has been imported there for centuries and is now a popular ingredient. Start by chopping your pork into inch-sized cubes, pouring minced garlic in a bowl, and placing the pork in the bowl.

Rub the garlic on the pork, really working it into the meat. Let it sit overnight, along with the fufu, to fully marinade it. Now, take it out and pay fry it while you warm your fufu up in a pan on the stove. You're just about done here, but you need to add one more ingredient: the greens.

Bringing It All Together With Greens

While you are cooking your pork, you should have some greens cooking in a pot on a burner. Greens are a staple of the traditional African diet and, when prepared with delicious ingredients like corn, you can create an unbeatable meal. Warm up your greens and your added ingredients, stirring it occasionally, and remove from heat when no longer stiff or hard to chew.

Spoon your finished pork onto the center of your plate, pour the greens on top, and spoon out a small dab of fufu right next to it. Scoop up some fufu with a fork or a spoon and mix it with your pork and greens. The fufu will absorb their flavors and become delicious while being filling.

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