Office Coffee Service: DIY Or Money Well Spent?

No matter what industry you work in, having good coffee available throughout the workday is extremely important. Coffee gives you energy and a feeling of warmth. The coffee area in an office is similar to the water cooler area. A lot of good ideas and deals are made around the coffee pot and the water cooler. If you are in charge of procuring your office's coffee or have input in this decision, you are likely trying to decide whether or not you should do a DIY office coffee setup where you procure all supplies and handle stocking the coffee area. You may also be trying to decide if your office can afford to contract this invaluable service out so you can focus on work and the coffee supplies are delivered. The following information will help you make your decision.

DIY Coffee Setup

A DIY coffee setup may look to be cheaper on the outset. A member of your office team runs out to a wholesale club, buys coffee and filters, creamers and sugars, cups and stirrers and all the necessary supplies. You set everything up next to the coffee maker in the break room. Then employees make coffee and everyone throws a couple of quarters in a jar every time they pour a cup. These quarters go toward purchasing more supplies when things start to run low. Great idea, right? Well, kind of. Consider the amount of manpower it takes to pull this scenario off. Depending on where your office is located, a trip to a wholesale club to buy coffee supplies can take several hours. This means an employee has to be pulled away from their desk during working hours, or someone has to handle this on their personal time in the evening, which means they should be paid overtime. This is a lot of hassle, as well. Someone has to monitor supplies and take care of money issues to be able to repurchase. This is a lot of work.

Contracted Coffee Services

Contracted coffee services may be slightly more expensive than the DIY scenario. However, if you work in a building with other businesses, you may be able to get a discount if more than one business uses the same coffee vendor. Every week or two, on a regular schedule, your coffee vendor will drop by and bring coffee and the related supplies. You take care of making coffee every morning, collecting the quarters from coffee drinkers, and turning those into payments for the coffee vendor. Everyone has fresh, hot, delicious coffee, and no one has to drive all over town to make it happen. This is a winning situation for everyone. And as an added bonus, most vendor coffee is a lot higher quality than the bulk coffee sold at discount wholesale clubs. Employee morale will go up, and productivity will increase.

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