3 Poppy Seed Based Dishes You Should Definitely Try

Poppy seed based dishes are some of the tastiest dishes you can sink your teeth into. These dishes, which mainly have their origin in Eastern Europe, are mainly sweet confections, and are, without a doubt, pieces of cuisine that will send your palate aflutter with delight. So, read on and discover just a few poppy seed based dishes that you should definitely try.

Poppy Seed Streusel Quickbread

Poppy seed streusel quickbread is a dish that is incredibly filling and deeply dense. Streusel refers to a topping that is cooked onto the very crust of the bread. It's thick and sweet, and laden with brown sugar. This variety of streusel is not only sweet, but a bit crunchy, and packs the aftertaste of a bit of black licorice, as anise is used in its construct. Occasionally, you will find a poppy seed streusel that makes use of a chocolate or cinnamon syrup topping. Although streusel is generally considered a German dish, this variation on a theme has its roots in Ukraine and Russia.

Poppy Seed Roll

Make your way into any country in the Baltic, and you'll find poppy seed rolls lining the very front of delis and bakeries. Lithuanians and Slovaks love this dish, and you can even find it as far west as Central European countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic. Although this dish is popular any time of the year, it is of particular importance during the holiday season, as it is considered a Christmas confection delight. This dish consists of a thick, sweet bread that uses poppy seeds in its base and is often topped off with a healthy dollop of icing. Although not considered a necessity, many times raisins are baked into the breading of this dish.

Sweet Bread Recipes

Russian sweet breads often use poppy seeds in their construct. Many times, these sweet breads take on the appearance of braids.The way that poppy seeds manifest themselves in these sweet bread dishes varies from dish to dish. In many of the Russian sweet bread recipes, the poppy seeds are ground into a delicious sweet paste, while in other variations on the theme, such as the Slovenian prekmurska gibanica, the poppy seeds are left whole, which adds an element of crunch and more subdued flavor to the bread.

Make your way to a bakery or deli that serves these Eastern European delights to sample one of these delicious treats. For more information, contact local professionals like Sincerely Nuts.

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