Pick-Me-Up Presents: Cute Gifts For A Friend Going Through A Breakup

Watching a friend go through a hard time is difficult. If you have a good friend who is going through a breakup, you can feel helpless having to watch someone that you care about being heartbroken. Figuring out just how to support your friend can be a challenge. If you want to know how to get your friend moving on after they have had their heart broken, one gift that will go over well is a gift basket. Here are some items to add to your friend's break up gift basket that will have them feeling better. 

Pictures prior to their relationship

One of the items that you want to add to the gift basket are photos of your friend having fun prior to the end of this relationship. Reminding your friend that they had a full life prior to this significant other coming into the picture can help them remember that they are capable of fun, energy, and love all on their own. Pick some snapshots of your friend that you like and add why the memory was memorable to you on the back of the pic. This can be the ego boost that a friend needs to try to get out of the house again.

Caramel candies of different sorts

Soft candies that will melt into your friend's mouth, plus a mix of chewy or hard candies are always a welcome part of healing from a breakup. Select an assortment of caramel candies, such as those found at http://www.abdallahcandies.com, to add to your friend's gift basket to offer them a stock of sweet desserts. Often people say that comfort eating has a positive effect on them when they are in a low mood. Having some caramel candies to chew on, even when they are dealing with a low appetite, can put some pep in your friend's step. 

Stories of breakups being a positive change

Though breakups can make you almost feel physically hurt at times, breakups can also be one of the best things that have has happened to you. Add a book or print out some stories from others who have gone through a breakup that wound up being the best thing that could have happened to them. Gaining strength from others who have come on top of feeling the ache of a broken heart but have turned it into something desirable can help your friend get over the worst of the bad feeling and start planning for the future. 

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