3 Ways To Use Dry Ice In Your Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking, you may try to keep your kitchen well stocked. However, you may not have considered a stash of emergency ice or dry ice. Dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, exhibits temperatures far below freezing. In fact, the temperature of the substance is -109.3F. Here are a few ways to apply it in your kitchen.

Quick-freezing Fruits and Veggies

If you have your own garden, you may regularly freeze your harvested fruits and veggies for later use, especially if you don't have a large family. Nevertheless, freezing the items using a traditional refrigerator or freezer can alter the texture of the fruits and veggies, leaving them droopy and limp once they are thawed for use. 

Instead of placing the items in a freezer immediately after harvesting, consider freezing them with dry ice first. The dry ice freezes the items so quickly that much of the original texture is preserved, even after the items are thawed later.

Simply place the dry ice in a cooler and put the fresh vegetables and fruits that you collect in the container and close the top. Check the produce after about a half hour to determine if it is fully frozen. If it is, you can place it in freezer bags and store it in your freezer. If the items are still not completely frozen, allow them to remain in place for a few more minutes for the process to finish before moving them to your conventional freezer.

Cooking Seafood

You can also cook seafood with dry ice. By placing the fish or other seafood directly on the ice, you expose it to freezing temperatures that can actually sear the food. Seafood that is not safe to eat raw can be cooked in this manner to ensure safe consumption. Additionally, since heat can alter the flavor of some seafood dishes that are usually served cold, dry ice offers an interesting way to minimize the chance of food poisoning while still preserving flavor.

Emergency Freezing

A power outage can cause you to lose large quantities of food due to the inadvertent thawing that may take place if your freezer has no power supply. In case of an interruption to your home's electrical power, dry ice can help you salvage the contents of your freezer. Just pack the items in the emergency ice until the power resumes.

To learn more ways that dry ice can be used in your kitchen, consult with a local dry ice supplier.

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