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3 Poppy Seed Based Dishes You Should Definitely Try

Poppy seed based dishes are some of the tastiest dishes you can sink your teeth into. These dishes, which mainly have their origin in Eastern Europe, are mainly sweet confections, and are, without a doubt, pieces of cuisine that will send your palate aflutter with delight. So, read on and discover just a few poppy seed based dishes that you should definitely try.

Poppy Seed Streusel Quickbread

Poppy seed streusel quickbread is a dish that is incredibly filling and deeply dense. Streusel refers to a topping that is cooked onto the very crust of the bread. It’s thick and sweet, and laden with brown sugar. This variety of streusel is not only sweet, but a bit crunchy, and packs the aftertaste of a bit of black licorice, as anise is used in its construct. Occasionally, you will find a poppy seed streusel that makes use of a chocolate or cinnamon …

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Office Coffee Service: DIY Or Money Well Spent?

No matter what industry you work in, having good coffee available throughout the workday is extremely important. Coffee gives you energy and a feeling of warmth. The coffee area in an office is similar to the water cooler area. A lot of good ideas and deals are made around the coffee pot and the water cooler. If you are in charge of procuring your office’s coffee or have input in this decision, you are likely trying to decide whether or not you should do a DIY office coffee setup where you procure all supplies and handle stocking the coffee area. You may also be trying to decide if your office can afford to contract this invaluable service out so you can focus on work and the coffee supplies are delivered. The following information will help you make your decision.

DIY Coffee Setup

A DIY coffee setup may look to be …

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4 Ingredients For The At Home Gourmet To Keep Stocked In Their Kitchen

If you’re someone who loves cooking at home, then you should keep a well-stocked pantry. One of the most important things when it comes to creating a delicious gourmet meal is to have the right ingredients on hand. Of course, you will need top quality produce, fruit, fish, or meat, but you also need to have the correct spices, oils, and other flavor enhancers. Below is a list of 4 great things to keep stocked in your kitchen. They won’t perish quickly, so you can keep them for when you need them.

Black Truffles

Truffles are an excellent way to enhance a simple risotto dish, finish a homemade pizza, or complement a wild mushroom sauté. However, make sure to choose black truffles. White truffle oil is very popular, but many chefs dislike it. The reason is that it tends to be a synthetic oil. It’s made by chemists to …

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3 Awesome Reasons To Have Your Wedding Catered

Planning a wedding is something that is super fun and exciting, but it is also a huge task that can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. The best way to feel like you have a handle on your wedding and wedding planning is to delegate out the different responsibilities. For example, rather than trying to worry about the food that is going to be served to all of your wedding guests, you can hire a wedding caterer to take care of this task. This article will discuss 3 awesome reasons to have your wedding catered. 

You Get To Choose Then Entire Menu 

A super fun aspect of hiring a wedding caterer to prepare all of your food for your wedding is that you get to go in and pick out all of the delicious food. They can have you look at some sample menus or you can simply tell them all …

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Find The Right Grill Cleaning Brush Or Tool For Your BBQ

A dirty grill makes for a really unappealing backyard barbeque, but cleaning it can be a real chore. And if you don’t use the right tools, you could scratch or damage your expensive BBQ grill. Here’s a rundown of what you need to carefully care for your grill and get it properly clean between rounds of burgers, hot dogs and chicken.


A good scraper can get much of the hardened drippings off the grill without a lot of effort. The problem is that newer grills have porcelain or other non-stick surfaces that can literally get scraped off if you put a little too much elbow grease into cleaning with the wrong tool.

To be safe, never use metal scrapers on grills that have any type of coating. Even plain metal grills can be chipped or damaged with a metal scraper that’s used with a little too much power. 

Instead, …

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4 Authentic Chinese Dishes You Must Try

Chinese food is quite popular across the United States. However, what Americans consider Chinese food is not something Chinese citizens would consider Chinese food. Authentic Chinese food is diverse and delicious and differs radically from its Americanized form. Read on and discover just a few authentic Chinese dishes that you must try.

Xiaoji Dun Mogu

This dish from the Liaoning province in the northern portion of China is quite straight forward and hearty and is not dissimilar to some dishes that are considered southern “comfort food” in the United States. This dish, which is almost always served family style, is a hearty, thick stew which consists of hazel mushrooms, chicken, and potato noodles. It is considered a tradition to eat this in order to combat the harsh winters that are expected every year in Liaoning.

Harbin Hongchang

Much like xiaoji dun mogu, Harbin hongchang is a food from northern China …

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